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Cleaning the Deck

Pool with paver decking

Pool decks should be both cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of disease as well as the slipperiness that results from the growth of bacteria. Depending on the type of deck surface material -- brushed concrete, textured modified cement or other cement coatings, ceramic tile, rubber granules, stone, brick, or epoxy aggregate, cleaning procedures may vary slightly. Always follow the manufactures recommendation for properly cleaning and maintaining the surface. When pool decks are large enough, the purchase of a pressure washer is recommended because cleaning and disinfecting decks by hand would just be too time consuming. But for smaller decks, you can follow the directions below. Dirt, grease and scum can be removed by scrubbing the decks with a stiff brush and any of a number of non abrasive commercially available cleaning solutions. Be sure to read the MSDS sheet or check with the distributor to make sure that the cleanser or detergent is compatible with pool water in case some of it gets into the pool. The decks can also be cleaned using TSP (tri sodium phosphate) which can be purchased at most hardware stores. Use one cup of TSP to one gallon of water. Use a pressure washer, or rinse with a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle.

To kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens, pool decks should also be disinfected. Commercial disinfectants are available from your local pool retailer. Use an air pressure sprayer and wand purchased specifically for this purpose at the local hardware or gardening store to apply the disinfectant solution to the deck. Rinse with fresh water immediately afterwards

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